Facts About Babies That Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, your mom says you were cute when you were little, but what she doesn’t mention is that you were a hair-eating zombie. Here are some not so cute facts about babies.

  • In the womb, all babies grow mustaches…that they eat.
  • When you were born you had taste-buds on the roof, back, and sides of your mouth in addition to your tongue.
  • Girl babies get their period, and all babies have boobs and lactate.
  • Babies sleep with their eyes open.
Facts About Babies That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Baby boys get erections…both inside the womb and when they’re born
  • Babies don’t have bony kneecaps.
  • Like so many classic villains, newborns don’t actually cry tears.
  • Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.
  • Babies open their eyes inside the womb and can see light from the outside.
  • Babies are about 15 days younger than the length of a pregnancy.

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