10 Interesting Facts About The Joker

You don’t need to be a comic book fan to instantly recognize The Joker. The villain is easily as iconic as Batman. He’s been in existence almost as long as his greatest foe. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the Joker.

  • On numerous occasions it has been stressed. That Batman and the Joker actually need each other in order to go on living.
  • The initial intention was that Joker was originally meant to be killed off. Batman #1 – his very first appearance on panel.
  • The Joker was originally created as being a very intelligent and well-educated individual. Being especially knowledgeable in chemistry and general science. It was recently that he became a vicious psycho.
  • The Joker’s scars are actually almost completely unique to the movies. In the comics, he never really had any scars.
  • Nobody will ever know the true story of the Joker. Heath Ledger’s Joker alone told three different stories about his origin.
10 Interesting Facts About The Joker
  • The Joker actually disappeared in 1964 and didn’t appear in any comics again until 1973.
  • Prior to Harley Quinn’s introduction, the Joker had another sidekick called Gaggy Gagsworthy.
  • The Joker real name is not Jack Napier. It’s entirely unknown.
  • The Joker has no interest in Bruce Wayne… even though he knows he’s Batman.
  • The Joker is such a popular villain, but his solo series crashed and burned.

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